Thursday, 30 April 2009

More from Julie & Conan's Wedding July 2008

Finally found time to get hold of photographs of the flowers in action, only nearly a year late!The Vicar waiting for the Bride to arrive with the Pedestal in the background!
Pedestal of blue & purple Delphiniums, pale blue Hydrangea, lilac Freesia & white Gerbera
Conan nervously waiting for his Bride to arrive!
The Pew Ends
Julie & Dad arrive
The vows (with Pedestal keeping watch!)
Julie & Conan (& Pedestal number two!)

Bridesmaids Bouquet & a Cuppa!

Groom & Best Man

Bride & Groom in the Car

Julie, Conan & Julie's Parents

The three Bridesmaids

Julie, Conan, Best Man & Conans Parents

The lovely Bridesmaids again
More posing!

Julie & all the Men!

Nice photograph!

Time to cut the Cake!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


My favourite flower is a Peony, I just love them! The way they are so big & blousey.
When we lost my lovely Grandma, I dug up her Peony in her wonderful garden as the house was being sold & planted it in a plant pot.
I read in many a book that if a Peony was moved it wouldn't flower again but........look what I spotted this morning!
Its not actually flowering yet so I don't know if I have succeded but ts more than I thought would happen.

Monday, 20 April 2009

A New Arrival

It is now official..... I own a Van!
At the moment it is white (with a slight hint of mud) & I could be any type of tradesman - Plumber, Electrician, you name it.

Soon it will be transformed into a pink Van, GROSS I hear you cry! It wont be bright, in your face pink but subtle pale pink. Fingers crossed anyway!

Here's a picture, I've named him Victor. Not sure how he'll feel about being pink ;)
I shall keep you updated on the progress of the pinkness.