Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Wedding of Sarah & Simon 1st August 2009

Today was the Wedding of Sarah & Simon. Their colour theme was cream, lilac & purple. Sarah's Bridesmaid was wearing a dark purple so she carried a hand-tied Bouquet of more cream Roses than lilac & purple whereas Sarah had a shower Bouquet with more lilac & purple than cream in.
The Church ceremony was at Emmanuel Church on Forest Road in Loughborough & the reception was at Beaumanor Hall, Woodhouse.

Bridesmaid's Hand-tied Bouquet of cream Roses, lilac Freesia & purple Lisianthus. The stems were bound with cream ribbon.

Freesia Corsage to the left & a cream Rose with lilac Freesia Buttonhole to the right.

Sarah had two Pedestals of cream Roses & Stocks, purple Delphinium & Lisianthus & lilac Freesia with Aralia Leaves & Eucalyptus.

My two Pedestals at the ends (I didn't do the lovely one in the middle!).

Pew Ends of purple Lisianthus, rolled Aspidistra leaves with an Aralia Leaf behind were tied to the chairs using purple & lilac ribbon. The wedding theme of purple & cream matched the church decor perfect!

Pedestals & Pew Ends.
Align Centre
Sarah & Simon coming out of the Church with the Bridesmaid & Best Man following behind.
We had a few minutes to get some photographs while the guests were leaving the Church as we had to dash in & grab the Pedestals & Pew Ends & take them to Beaumanor Hall before the Bride & Groom arrived!

The Pedestal from the Church in the corner of the room.

The Top Table arrangement of cream Roses & Stocks, purple Delphiniums & Lisianthus & lilac Freesia with soft Ruscus, variegated Pitto & Eucalyptus.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Wedding of Jenny & Dale 31st July 2009

Today was the Wedding of Jenny & Dale, they met a few years back when they both came to Loughborough University. When they decided to tie the knot they wanted to do it back where it first started. There Venue was the beautiful Prestwold Church & Hall for the Reception afterwards.

The Groom, Dales Buttonhole of a Champagne coloured Rose, white Freesia & looped Grass the match the other Bouquets.

Jenny's Hand-tied Bouquet of Mini white & cerise Gerbera, champagne coloured spray Roses, 'Poison' Roses, white Freesia & looped Grass around the outside. Her Bouquet was finished with white ribbon.

The Bridesmaids Bouquets of Mini cerise Gerbera, champagne coloured spray Roses with looped grass around the outside. I also managed to find some ribbon that matched the Bridesmaids dresses.

The Pedestal in the Church. In this I used white Delphiniums, cream Stocks, cerise Mini Gerbera, 'Poison' Roses, Champagne coloured Roses & spray Roses & Greenery.

The inside of Prestwold Church is really beautiful. It's a lovely little Church.

The Window Ledges were decorated with chunky Church candles, Mini white Gerbera & Ivy.

I did a large all round arrangement that sat on top of the font. I used white Delphiniums, cream Stocks, cerise Mini Gerbera, 'Poison' Roses, Champagne coloured Roses & spray Roses & Greenery.

Two of my artificial Bay Trees were placed outside the entrance to the Church & decorated with fresh flowers & ribbon to match.

The view from the Church of the countryside, it was a lovely day even though the sky doesn't look it!

The Bay Trees were decorated with white Mini Gerberas & Champagne coloured Roses & finished with the teal coloured ribbon which didn't want to stay as a bow!

I loved their cake, the card at the bottom says 'To Kenya' as this is where they went on their Honeymoon.

More photographs of the table centres!

The Tables were named after Halls at Loughborough University as this is where they met.

These next photographs are the professional ones that Jenny & Dale had. Their photographer was Danny Green, take a look at his website when you get a chance. There are some amazing photographs of nature that he has taken.

The Buttonhole being put into place.

Dale & his Best Man looking very smart.

Dale waiting patiently outside the Church.

Jenny about to take the short (!) drive from the Hall to the Church.

Here comes the Bride!

View of everyone in the Church.

I like this picture with the ribbon on the Bay Trees blowing in the wind!

Jenny & Dale with her parents & brother.

Jenny with her lovely Mum, Caroline.

Jenny & her Bridesmaids.

Jenny & Dale with their Bridesmaids.

Jenny & one of her Bridesmaids.

A close up of the Bouquet & their Wedding rings.
Best wishes to Jenny & Dale, it was a complete pleasure to do their flowers!