Monday, 21 May 2012

Day 62 - 'Coral Charm' Peony

Day 62 - 'Coral Charm' Peony

The Peony was named after Paean who was a student of the Greek God of Medicine, Asclepius. Zeus turned Paean into a Peony to save him from the anger of Asclepius who had become jealous of his students healing abilities. This is why today people of Greece believe that Peonies are an important medicine & could cure more than 20 aliments.

A number of colours are available including pink, white, coral, peach & maroon.

They are native to north Japan, parts of Asia & parts of north America & southern Europe.

The Japanese protect the earliest Peony from the snow by putting an individual thatched shelter on top of each one.

The Chinese name for Peony is 'Sho-yu' which means 'most beautiful'.

Day 61 - Phlox

Day 61 - Phlox

Phlox is a Greek word meaning 'flame' & was most likely names due to its bright & vivid colours.

Originally from North America & were available in England by the early 1800's.

Two varieties are names after famous painters; the 'Rembrandt' & the 'Van Gough'.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Mr and Mrs Wakeling 21st April

Next up is the posting of Charlotte & Daniel's Wedding that took place back in April.
They had chosen St Andrews Church in the grounds of Prestwold Hall with the reception in the Hall.
Their colour theme was pale pinks & creams with gold finishing touches.

The male Buttonholes were a pale pink 'Dreamland' Rose with Ivy leaves.

Daniel wore a pale pink 'Dreamland' Rose with white Freesia with Ivy leaves.

The ladies wore Buttonholes of pink Freesia with Ivy leaves.

The Mum's wore a Corsage of a pink 'Sarah Bernhard' Peony, white 'Akito' Rose & white Freesia with Ivy leaves.

At St.Andrews Church in the grounds of Prestwold Hall we attached a garland to the archway over the entrance. We used Roses, Peonies & Delphiniums finished with a gold bow.

 The Cake was decorated with cream 'Vendela' and pale pink 'Dreamland' Roses in-between each layers. A small arrangement of Roses was placed on the top.

 The table centres were a round arrangement of pink 'Sarah Bernhard' Peonies, Roses, Freesia, Tulips & Lilies with a goldfish bowl sat in the centre with floating candles sat on top of water.

 The tables in Prestwold Hall.

 Outside the entrance to the Hall, we placed our artificial potted Bay Trees & decorated them with fresh flowers from the Wedding theme. Finished with a large trailing gold bow.

 Charlotte opted for a hand-tied bouquet of pink 'Sarah Bernhard' Peonies, cream 'Vendela' & 'Dreamland' Roses & pink Freesia with Beargrass looped over the flowers.

 The stems were bound with natural hessian wrap.

The Bride & Bridesmaid bouquets.

The Bridesmaids carried small hand-tied bouquets of cream 'Vendela' Roses with Beargrass looped over the flowers.
The stems were bound with natural hessian wrap.

Huge congratulations to Charlotte & Daniel x

Mr Postman

Mr Postman bought me this lovely card from Charlotte & Daniel this morning. Their Wedding was in April at Prestwold Hall.
Was a nice surprise so thank you x

Day 60 - Solidaster

Day 60 - Solidaster

Day 59 - Ascelpias

Day 59 - Asclepias

Day 58 - 'Naranga' Rose

Day 58 - 'Naranga' Rose

Day 57 - Sweet William

Day 57 - Sweet William

Day 56 - Aquilegia

Day 56 - Aquilegia

Day 55 - Cornflower

Day 55 - Cornflower

Day 54 - Anemone

Day 54 - Anemone

They get their name from 'anemos', the Greek word for Wind. These are often called Windflowers.

It is pronounced a-nem-o-nee.

Legend has it that the Greek goddess, Aphrodite's tears gave life to Anemones as she wept for the death of the god Adonis.

They are linked to anticipation & are thought to close their petals when rain is on its way.

Some myths claim that fairies make their beds under the petals of Anemones after sunset.

They are available in shades of pink, white, purple, lilac & red.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Day 53 - Limonium

Day 53 - Limonium

Mr and Mrs Mansfield 8th April

It was Easter Sunday & the Wedding of Lindsey. I have known Lindsey for around 15 years so it was a special day when she married her Robbie Williams.
Lindsey opted for a subtle theme of pale pink, white & pale green.
They held their reception at Hothorpe Hall which was home to lots of jumping baby lambs!

Buttonholes of Cymbidium Orchids & Ivy leaves.

 Lee's Buttonhole of a white & lime green Cymbidium Orchid head with Ivy leaves.

Lindsey's Mum, Maggie, wore a white Freesia Corsage.

 Lindsey chose a hand-tied bouquet of white & pale pink Peonys, Hydrangea, Lisianthus, Veronica, pale green Carnations, 'Green Fashion' Roses, pink Spray Roses & Jasmine.
The stems were bound with white ribbon.

Loving the 'Green Fashion' Roses, very popular this year with my Brides.

The Bridesmaids carried hand-tieds of 'Green Fashion' Roses, Hydrangea, Hydrangea, Lisianthus, Veronica & Jasmine.
The stems were bound with white ribbon.

 Lindsey's niece carried a small hand-tied of Carnations & Hydrangea.


 Bridal party packed & ready to go.

Introducing Mr & Mrs Mansfield woo hoo!!

 I filled different sized teapots & Jugs with flowers such as Lisianthus, Stocks, Roses, Hydrangea,
Gerbera, Ranunculus & Leucanthemums.

I decorated the Cake with white ribbon around each layer & finished it with a bow. And an arrangement of 'Green Fashion' Roses, Hydrangea & Lisianthus sat on top.

 Time to cut the Cake!

A huge congratulations to one of my oldest friends, it was a pleasure to be apart of your special day xx