Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Christmas is coming

I'm back after having a wonderful weekend in Gloucester with the other half & friends watching fireworks over the docks & eating sausages cooked on the balcony BBQ.
The folks played shops on Saturday (I was playing with naughty Monkeys at Longleat Safari Park!) & decided to change the Halloween window.
I had a lovely surprise on Monday morning when I saw it for the first time!
I'm with all the people that think November is far to early to think about the dreaded C word, but I didn't want to be the only shop in Loughborough not getting into the festive spirit!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Let it snow

Today at roughly 3pm it started to snow!!
It was only wet, horrible snow but it was still white stuff falling out of the sky!

Friday, 24 October 2008

Wedding Number Two

Sunday the 12th of October & it was back to the Shop to complete the second Wedding. This one was for Leanne & Matt.

Matt's buttonhole of a cream Rose, twiggy bits & Greenery

Leanne's Hand-tied Bouquet of cream Roses, twiggy bits & baby blue Diamantes placed in a few of the Roses (you have to look closely!).

The weekend of Weddings

The weekend of the 11th & 12th of October was quite a busy one.
Firstly on the Saturday I had a Wedding at Barnsdale Lodge at the beautiful Rutland Water.

I only knew I was to be doing this Wedding the week before. Unfortuently the lady that was origionaly doing it was taken very poorly so I was asked to step in & I was very happy to help. I quickly phoned Pam, the Bride, & had a chat with her to reasure her that evrything regarding the flowers were going to be fine & to check if there were any flowers that she liked or disliked. She was lovely & probably the easiest Bride to please ever!

Pam's Hand-tied Bouquet of lemon Roses, lilac Freesia & Gypsophila (God I hate the stuff!!).

Buttonholes of lemon Roses with a few Freesia for the Groom, Graham.

Pedestals of lemon Roses, Sunflowers, Lilies, lilac Freesia, Lisianthus & September with lovely green Oak Leaves.

The Cake was decorated with lemon Roses & lilac Freesia.

Table entres of lemon Roses, lilac Freesia & Lisianthus with lemon Hypericum Berries & Oak Leaves.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Autumns here

Today at the flower market I was tempted by Narcissus that smell so lovely, unfortuently the people of Loughborough were confused by seeing these in October & wouldn't buy them!!
I also bought some lovely bright orange Pumpkins because I jusy couldn't resist them!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Lindsey Croft Wedding 23 August 2008

I met Lindsey for the first time when she came into the Shop to place an order for her Wedding! The criteria she gave me was - for her she wanted pink, white, blue & yellow flowers, one Bridesmaid was to be yellow & white & the second Bridesmaid was blue & white. She wanted it to be natural looking, like the flowers were just picked from a garden.

For Lindsey I chose pink Astilbes, white Stocks, blue Delphiniums, pink & white Gerbera, Rosemary & finished with vaigated Hosta Leaves.

For the first Bridesmaid I used blue Delphiniums, lilac Stocks, white Astilbe, Lilac Freesia, white Gerbera & Rosemary.

The second Bridesmaid was white Stocks, white Astilbe, pale yellow Gerbera, yellow Freesia & Rosemary.

Sarah & Richard Wedding 16 August 2008

After numerous visits from Mum Kath & Auntie Val the big day was finally here. The venue of choice was Quorn Grange, Quorn.
The Wedding was at 5pm so I had most of Saturday to finish bits & bobs before delivering.
Sarah's Hand-tied Bouquet of 'Cool Water' Roses with Diamantes in a few of the Roses.

Sarah went for....pink! Her Bridesmaid's Dresses were a dusky pink so I was given the task to match a Rose to it & 'Cool Water' was the best for the job. There was to be no flowers that had a strong scent as Mum Kath suffered with fits of sneezes when near scented flowers. I also used cream Lisianthus, pink Alstromeria, pink Wax Flower, bright pink Gerbera & white September.

The Bridesmaids held Hand-tieds of 'Cool Water' & cream 'Vendella' Roses finished with pink ribbon to match.

There were arrangements in cream Pots placed along the Aisle.

Long radiator cover arrangements.


Round arrangements with a chunky Church candle in the centre were placed on the Tables.

Julie & Conan Wedding 12 July 2008

It was a beautiful July morning & it was 5.30am!! I came in early to finish the Buttonholes & I needed to be at Kegworth Church at 9am as there was a Gate arrangement to be set up & finish inside the Church from the night before.

I left the Shop with a Car load of lovely blue & purple flowers & headed to Kegworth, where I met Jon (the Boyfriend) to assist me in placing an arrangement on top of the Gate. Lets just say the people in the Co-op across the road had some early morning entertainment!

Baby blue Hydrangea, blue Delphiniums, white Gerbera, Ivy & lots of Eucalyptus.

Mum arrived with the second load of flowers - Pew Ends, Pedestals & Window Sill arrangements. We set the Church up whilst there was early morning prayers, was very relaxing & even more so knowing we were on schedule!

Pew Ends of blue & purple Delphiniums, white mini Gerbera, Ivy & Eucalyptus.

Window Sills of baby blue Hydrangea, white Gerbera, blue & purple Delphinium, purple Veronica & Eryingium.

Pedestals of blue & purple Delphiniums, white Gerbera, blue Hydrangea, purple Lisianthus, Ivy & Eucalyptus.

Next stop was Donington Park Farmhouse to set up the reception flowers in the pig sties.

Bud Vases of bright pink mini Gerbera for every guest. The Window Sill arrangements were placed on the ledges after the Church ceremony.Goldfish Bowls of blue Hydrangea & white mini Gerbera were placed on the Top Table.