Sunday, 19 December 2010

Wedding of Kayte & Justin 17th December

Today was our last Wedding of 2010. Even though it was the end to this years Weddings, it was a new colour theme for a Christmas Wedding & a new venue to explore!
I was getting abit worried at the beginning of the week when I kept hearing major snow was forecast but I think Leicestershire & Derbyshire were the only places in the UK that didn't get any!
The Wedding was held at Breadsall Priory near Derby. A beautiful venue with lots of grounds.
Buttonholes of white 'Akito' Roses with Ivy leaves & a sprig of Spruce.

Justin's Buttonhole was a white 'Akito' Rose with blue Thistle, Ivy leaves & Spruce.

Kayte's hand-tied bouquet of white Akito' Roses with dyed blue Roses, blue Thistle & Spruce (as it was the week before Christmas!). I added a few pearls amongst the flowers to make her bouquet more special than the others.

Bride & Bridesmaid bouquets.

The three Bridesmaids carried smaller versions of Kayte's bouquet & didn't have the pearls.

The stems were bound with a dark blue ribbon to match the colour of the Bridesmaids dresses.

I've never really been a huge fan of the blue Rose & I'm always abit wary when Brides mention them but I think they look great with the white Roses, Thistles & Spruce.

Top Table/Ceremony Table arrangement of Spruce, Ivy, white & blue Roses with blue Thistles.

On the guest tables, Kayte wanted a Goldfish Bowl filled with Holly, Ivy, blue Roses & Thistles with a chunky Church candle in the centre.

The table runner & crackers matched the blue theme.

The sunshine was beaming in through the windows & had a lovely affect on the Vases.

The view from out of the reception room window over the Hotels grounds, it didn't actually snow but the frost looks like it did!

Huge congratulations to Kayte & Justin & I hope they had a fab day.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Emily & Martin 4th September 2010

The lovely Emily, who's Wedding was back in September, sent me some of the professional photos courtesy of Teresa O'Neill check out her website.

I love this photo!

Wedding of Sarah & Matthew 13th November

Today was the Wedding of Sarah, I had created the Wedding flowers for her friend Vanessa earlier in the year & now it was turn of Sarah.
The guest Buttonholes of a cream 'Vendella' Roses with variegated Ivy leaves.
The Groom's Buttonhole was a double cream 'Vendella' Roses with variegated Ivy leaves.

The Ladies wore a cream 'Vendella' Rose with white Freesia, Gypsophilia & variegated Ivy leaves.

Sarah's bouquet was a hand-tied of cream 'Vendella' Roses with white Freesia.
The stems were bound with cream ribbon.

Sarah's Bridesmaid carried a smaller version of the Brides bouquet.

Sarah's bouquet packed in the delivery box.

The Bridal flowers with thank you hand-tieds created to match the cream & white theme of the Wedding.

The Van packed & ready to go & deliver the flowers to Sarah!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Wedding of Jo & Matt 6th November

When Jo came into the Shop for her first consultation, she knew exactly what she wanted.
She had worked at a Hotel where I had delivered Wedding flowers to in 2007 when I worked from home & she had kept my details from then.
White 'Akito' Rose Buttonholes with green Ivy leaves.

Jo carried a hand-tied bouquet of 'Black Baccara' Roses with a small amount of Greenery running through the flowers.
A few diamantes were placed in the centre of Roses.
The stems were bound with white ribbon.

Bride & Bridesmaid.

The Bridesmaids carried hand-tieds of white 'Akito' Roses with a small amount of Greenery running through the Roses.

The stems were bound with burgundy ribbon.

The Bride & Bridesmaid's bouquets.

Boxed & ready to be delivered.

The reception was held at the The Plough Inn at Normanton on Soar, where they had their own private room & bar.

Vases provided by Jo were filled with white & burgundy Roses with Greenery & finished with a white bow around the Vase.

The tables looked wonderful with all the matching things, even the chairs matched!

Even the pretty Cup cakes matched the theme!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Wedding of Megan & Matt 16th October

Today was the Wedding of Megan & Matt, this Wedding which turned out to be quite a big event was organised in a short space of time (well the flowers were anyway!).
I kept my fingers crossed that it didn't rain as they were having pictures taken on the park afterwards & then walking to the Convent, but I'm pretty sure it rained at some point during the day :(

Male Buttonholes of a cream 'Vendela' Rose with Ivy leaves.
The Dads' & Best Man's Buttonhole of a 'Tenga Venga' Rose with Ivy leaves.

Matt's Buttonhole of 'Tenga Venga' Rose with pink Hydrangea & Ivy leaves.

Megan's Mum wore a Buttonhole of a ' Hypnose' Rose with Lisianthus & Hydrangea finished with Eucalyptus & Ivy leaves.

Megan carried a hand-tied bouquet of pink Hydrangea, Lisianthus, 'Heaven', ' Hypnose' & 'Tenga Venga' Roses.
The stems were bound with Ivory lace.

The five Bridesmaids carried hand-tied bouquets of 'Vendela', 'Hypnose', 'Heaven' & 'Tenga Venga' Roses.
The stems were bound with Ivory lace to match Megan's bouquet.

I think these Roses look fab with each other.

All boxed & ready to go!

The Van packed with lots of beautiful flowers.

The two pedestals were placed at the front of the Church so they would be seen by all.

In the pedestals I used pink Hydrangea, all the Roses, Lisianthus, Molucella, Amaranthus & pink Oak leaves.

The hall at the Convent School was totally transformed!

Megan provided two different sized pots which I filled with Lisianthus, Hydrangea, all the Roses & Dahlias.

Each table had a jam jar filled with sweets, I still don't know how I resisted pinching any!!

The seating plan was so cute! Megan & Matt had made a lot of the decorations themselves.

The favours were either a Wedding dress if you were a girl & a Top Hat if you were a boy. Great idea.

Mmmmmmm.... sweeties!!

The Top Table had empty pots on waiting for the bouquets to be placed in.

Awesome Cake!

On each Cake, we placed two Roses & Lisianthus. This totally changed how the Cake looked just by adding a few flowers.

Megan's Mum & Sister made this Cake.

I totally adore this Cake, its such a fab idea!

The stage in the Hall was decorated with Jam Jars filled with sweets, Bunting & a hanging wooden heart.
The window sills in the Cloisters were decorated with Jam Jars of pink flowers.

When we headed back to the Shop I wanted to park the van near the Church to make it easier to collect the Pedestals & as we turned the corner there was Megan stood outside! Photo opportunity!!

Then a guest took the camera & got some pictures inside just minutes before she was going to walk down the Aisle!

The Bridesmaids with their Bouquets & Megan's Mum with her Buttonhole that you can just see!